Happy Time is a new podcast, made just for you. Or your friends. If you're one of those people who's happy all the time, you probably aren't interested. But for the rest of us, there's Happy Time.

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5. Rinse and repeat as necessary. Side effects of Happy Time include feelings of joy, contentment, and, in rare cases, faint nausea. Do not listen to Happy Time if you are a bad person.

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"25th Anniversary Spectacular" Listen to this show (44:25)
For our 25th show, we go all out! We take a look at all of our past shows, hear back from a few friendly voices, and pretty much just pat ourselves on the back for an extended length of time. Plus, Mike talks about his Guitar Hero tournament experience, Luke has news about Oprah and mp3s, and we've got opinions about the Emmys. Join us for number 25! (posted 8/30/06)

"Different Names For the Same Thing" Listen to this show (48:31)
This week, it's tomay-to and tomah-to on Happy Time. Luke and Mike have two different movies, two different bands, and two different ways of saying the exact same thing. Plus, Mike updates on the Maria Sansone Situation (as we're calling our attempt to speak with the host of the 9), and Luke has some fun facts about his new scooter. Whether you listen to or listen at the show, you'll enjoy it. (posted 8/20/06)

"Karma Ka-Mr. Clean" Listen to this show (42:17)
Despite the fact that we're both run off of our feet with things to do, we still find the time to squeeze out forty minutes plus of Happy Time. This week, we cover Boy George on garbage duty, whether or not the U.S. is trying to start World War III, and Time's Top 50 Sites on the Internet (The 9 is one that Mike likes). Strangely, our site is excluded-- they must have put us right there at 51... (posted 8/15/06)

"We Are All On Drugs" Listen to this show (44:46)
This week, we take things easy and laid back (and messy, unfortunately-- Luke is a little quieter than usual for some reason, and Mike is just plain mean). We have to do this, because both Luke and Mike have really interesting, and time consuming, career things going on. But it's ok, because we still find time to talk to Spitzer (about football, his wife (left) and stuff), talk about what's up with AOL, and mention two celebrities (with terrible audio) that are most likely under the influence. Enjoy the show. (posted 8/8/06)

"What I Did On My Summer Vacation" Listen to this show (42:38)
This week on the show, Mike tells us all about what he did last week when he wasn't on the Internet, not making Happy Time. Plus, we talk about movies and movie stars, wax replicas of them, and how Mel Gibson is not exactly thrilled with God's chosen people. And finally (no time for Mike's big announcement), Luke shares a real scientific discovery that will make you say "Wow!" (posted 7/31/06)

"The Love is Here" Listen to this show (40:38)
In the immortal words of Robin Williams in Good Morning Vietnam, "it's hot, real hot" on Happy Time this week. We've got lots of smokin' tunes, and Luke is totally hot in his play. We talk about the hot Chicago band Kill Hannah, we have Spitzer on, who's on a hot streak in softball, and we talk about how things are heating up (unfortunately) in the Middle East. Yup, things are big time hot on Happy Time this week, and that makes for one of our coolest shows yet. (posted 7/16/06)

"Everybody Say PK" Listen to this show (40:38)
Despite a short vacation last week, Happy Time is back and watching the World Cup in Luke's Basement. Plus we make fun of a certain right wing commentator, and try (with only a little success) to get in touch with Kyle Macdonald, the One Red Paperclip guy, who traded a paperclip for a house. At the end, we even get creepily patriotic on this post-Fourth Happy Time! (posted 7/9/06)

"Magical Monkey Bones" Listen to this show (40:38)
This week on the show, we have the latest and greatest from our new message board, a story about that crazy chick Anna Nicole Smith, and a story that's guaranteed to make you shudder. Plus, we chat up the World Cup news, and Luke is showing up on stage yet again. But what are you doing reading about it here? Go talk about it on our message boards! (posted 6/25/06)

"World Cup Update-date-date" Listen to this show (50:21)
World Cup is in full swing, even if Mike doesn't really care. This show, we premiere our new feature, Sports with Spitzer (which features sports, and, you know, our friend Bryan Spitzer). And, to satisfy Mike, we talk about Manchild, the mixable tracks from the new Tool album (listen to that here), and, last but not least, our new forums! Go over there right now and register and post! (posted 6/20/06)

"Now Longer Than Ever" Listen to this show (49:17)
Lots of sexual innuendo in the show this week-- we start off with that title, and then get to some sweet bear lovin', the whereabouts of Claudia Schiffer, the latest trouble Paris Hilton has found herself in, and finally we get some World Cup action in there. It's our longest show ever-- can we keep it moving the whole time?? Not really, but just like most sex, there's enough good stuff in there to keep you interested. (posted 6/13/06)

"X-Man Jean Luc Picard" Listen to this show (33:16)
Coming off of last week's live-stravaganza, we've got some viewer mail, ten tips about how to figure out if someone is lying to you, a story about Batwoman becoming a lipstick lesbian (whatever that is), and David Copperfield's latest plea for attention. Not to mention a review type of thing about X3, and a rendition of a song you will never forget. Ever. Even if you want to. (posted 6/4/06)

"The Live Show" Listen to this show (32:39)
Finally, we take the mic away from Mike and Luke and send it out to our listeners. Luke is a no-show early on, but we hear from friends, family, and almost all of our known listeners (both of them!). Plus, somewhere in there, we find out what Mike's brother's favorite beer is, a R.I.P. for cartoonist Alex Toth, and why D&D is exactly like gambling, but with more sides on the dice. Enjoy! (posted 5/28/06)

"Technical Issues" Listen to this show (31:23)
Well, it's finally happened. Our relative lack of technical skill has caught up with us, and this week's show is plagued with problems-- Luke is stuck on a Skype delay, and our headphones can't seem to sit straight on our heads. But rampant unprofessionalism doesn't keep us from talking about Luke acting like a dinosaur, our friends Team Tomato, and the hottest movie in theaters (spoilers!). Plus we remind you about our LIVE show yet again. Did you see the note above about how it's next week? Didja?!? (posted 5/22/06)

"Show Me Your Socks" Listen to this show (33:16)
Sorry we're late with this one-- we were both attending graduations last weekend. We talk about that, and Mike's visit to the rock show to see Headache City and The Camaro Rouge. Also, why you should always keep your socks clean, Luke's new improv group, and St. Louis' new baseball stadium. Plus, more info about our upcoming LIVE show! It's coming up quick on May 28th-- you ready yet? (posted 5/17/06)

"Task: Unlikely" Listen to this show (33:07)
Sober again (mostly), we tackle our favorite scenes in The Royal Tenenbaums, a YouTuber named Zoltarkill, some movie starring Tom Cruise, a feisty PS3, and Stephen Colbert's speaking of truthiness. Join us, won't you, and be sure to listen for details about our first ever LIVE show, coming May 28th! (posted 5/8/06)

"The Drunk Show" Listen to this show (33:16)
In anticipation of Mike's birthday (May 6), we break out the booze and bring an old radio tradition of drinking heavily on the air into the podcast era. Don't try this at home kids, we barely made it out ok. Plus, more about Eric Nassau and his own radio show, taco sauce packets, and the music they call "reggaeton." (posted 5/1/06)

Bonus Episode! "The Aftershow" Listen to this show (13:54)
We were still having such a good time after this week's show we decided to keep talking! On a special bonus episode, we take a look back at our first ten podcasts, try some more tongue twisters, and generally enjoy being drunk beyond the point of coherence. Listen... if you dare! (posted 5/1/06)

"Did He Really Call Her a *Beep*?" Listen to this show (32:10)
Whoah, nelly. This week's Happy Time is definitely rated a high PG-13! We talk about bachelor parties, armed robbery, and angry phone messages-- what will our conservative Midwestern audience think?!? But just to balance things out, we do talk a little bit about catching up with former teachers, and two other bands friends of ours are in. It's a crazy week, but aren't they all? (posted 4/25/06)

"Crappy Time" Listen to this show (30:33)
This week on Crappy Time, things get really depressing. Mike is despondent, Luke is agitated, and our friend from Baghdad is having a really tough time. There's some poetry, some crappy movies, and lots and lots of sadness. But what else is there, really? That's why it's Crappy Time. (posted 4/10/06)

"Your Methadone Replacement" Listen to this show (33:16)
This week, Luke speaks with some real treehuggers, we take a look at some audience stats, and Mike is overjoyed that Jack Bauer is employed at CTU for three more years. Plus, in our second contest, we give you the listeners a chance to help us come up with a production tagline or two! Send your entries, as always, to happytimepodcast@gmail.com! (posted 4/10/06)

"Snakes on a Plantation" Listen to this show (32:03)
On this week's show, Luke talks about the groovy Hasidic Jewish reggae tunes of Matisyahu, we wish Christopher Walken a birthday filled with cowbell (and go for a walk in the rain), and we talk about two movies that may or may not have much in common: Miyazaki classic "Howl's Moving Castle," and Jackson masterpiece "Snakes on a Plane." Enjoy! (posted 4/2/06)

"Talking Dinosaurs" Listen to this show (32:54)
It's a webcomics extravaganza, as Ryan North from Qwantz.com (which I accidentally misspelled on the show-- doh) stops by to talk about his work at Dino Comics, Whispered Apologies, and Ohnorobot.com. Ryan answers all our questions with aplomb, and we even get to find out where that neon green T-rex came from! Plus, thanks to the magic of hyperlinks, you too can read all the comics we talk about: A Softer World, Dr. McNinja, Perry Bible Fellowship, Nine Planets Without Intelligent Life, Diesel Sweeties, and White Ninja Comics. Enjoy the show! (posted 3/26/06)

"No Videogame Left Behind" Listen to this show (33:16)
This week on Happy Time, Luke tells the story of how he won a date with Liam Gallagher. Mike's very excited about two new Nintendo DS games coming out, which means we have to play some retro videogame tunes, and we both wonder exactly how they plan to get gamers to vote. Finally, we announce the winner of our first ever email contest! Did you win any of our cigarette junk? Listen in and find out! (posted 3/20/06)

"Medieval Yelling" Listen to this show (33:16)
On this week's show (now in hyperlinked format, thanks to your comments), we discuss two other podcasts that aren't as good as ours, we get to hear a little listener mail (including Luke's hopes and fears) and a little Regina Spektor. Plus, we visit a very loud Medieval Times, and check out the top player on the womens' pro billiards circuit. All that and more on this week's Happy Time!(posted 3/13/06)

"Oscar Bombs" Listen to this show (32:31)
Yes, it's an Oscar show, but like no other Oscar show you've ever heard before. We cover Tom Hanks cussin' like a sailor, why Rachel Weisz is hot, and what Google (and Mike) thinks of Best Picture winner Crash. Plus, we hear about some former classmates of distinction, and announce the criteria for our first contest ever! (Don't worry, it's free) All that, and more, on this week's Happy Time! (posted 3/6/06)

"First" Listen to this show (31:56)
In our first (well, second first) show, we discuss the first time we did things (besides make a podcast), Swedish Olympic Curlers and why you'd want to marry them, and we have a message from the President! There's no place to go but up on the very first (well, second first) Happy Time ever! (posted 2/27/06)

Once upon a time, two guys wanted to be on the radio. Their names were Mike Schramm and Luke Lindberg. But no one let them on the radio, so they decided to make a podcast.

Mike Schramm is a writer, creative, and generally all around easygoing guy in Chicago, IL. He is the founder of mikeschramm.com, which is probably where you came here from. If you want more information about him, you can find it over there.

Luke Lindberg is an artist, improv comedian, actor, and silly son-of-a-gun. He likes long walks on the beach, painting, and breasts (among other things). Luke was a founding member and Vice President of Flux Art/Theatre, Saint Louis' best (and most short-lived) avant-garde theatre company. He is now happily looking towards the horizon of his future, holding the hand of his devoted girlfriend Jaime, and hoping that some big Hollywood producer accidentally stumbles upon this humble podcast and realizes.... Luke is the next big thing! If you are him/her email Luke at happytimepodcast@gmail.com!