I’m going to put this here, partially because there’s a lot of things I want to tell people about, and partially because I’m just trying to get it all in my head. Here’s what I’m up to over the next few months:

This coming week, Diablo 3 comes out, and I probably don’t have to tell you that I’ll be disappearing into work for a few days after that happens. I’m reviewing it for Joystiq after covering it for years, so stay tuned for that.

On May 20th, I’ll be running the Santa Monica Classic 10k. I’ve been slacking on working out lately, first because I hurt my back earlier this year, and then because I was in Europe, so I don’t know how I’ll do. But I’ve done the SMC for three years now, so I figured I’d have to do it again no matter what.

Later that week, I’m heading up to Cambria, CA for Improv Utopia, a really great camp event over Memorial Day weekend all about improv and comedy. I like it for the improv stuff, but I am also just going for the retreat — it’s a really nice place up there, with great cabins, a nice lodge, and a lot of fun people. I’ll be there through Memorial Day.

The week after that is of course E3, so I’ll be in downtown LA, covering games for TUAW and Joystiq. Always fun — this is my, sheesh, fifth year at E3? Sixth? Can’t remember.

The next week I’ll be driving up to San Francisco for WWDC. I’m not going to the conference (though I am a developer — Antithesis out now in the App Store, iPad update soon!), but I will be in town having meetings for TUAW coverage. If you are going and want to meet, let me know.

Then, a week after that is Nerdtacular, up in Salt Lake City. I haven’t bought a plane ticket yet, and I don’t have any place to stay, but I am told I’ll be going. We’ll see. I would love to go, but obviously I’ll be busy.

The next weekend (ugh, I already feel tired), I have just learned I’ll be in New York City for the Del Close Marathon at the UCB theater up there. Not one but two of my teams are performing, and I’ll be seeing other shows and taking some workshops up there I’m sure. If you’re in New York, I would like to meet up with you. One of my shows will be on Sunday, July 1, at 4pm, I know, but I’m not sure when the other show is, or where else I’ll be performing. But I haven’t been to New York in like ten years, so I do want to hit up Shake Shack, and do some sightseeing and all of that fun stuff.

That week is Independence Day, and the week after that, it’s off to San Diego for Comic-Con — it’ll be my third year down there. Craziness, all the way around.

So yes, that’s my summer. Pretty nuts. I also have improv shows scheduled every week here in LA (obviously I’ll have to miss a few of those), and I have a few other projects to work on, most notably Antithesis and this other app/game I’m trying to put together. I love being busy, though, and clearly that’s exactly what I’m going to be.

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