Michelle Madison of Warcraft Outsiders put this together, and I thought it was pretty cute. Which is why it’s posted at the top of Warcraft Wednesday, a weekly feature about what I’ve found interesting in WoW this past week. See how that works?

  • I actually, finally, after about two years of fishing those stupid pools on and off, got Mr. Pinchy this week. I’m surprised at myself — I didn’t accidentally click away from the loot (I did that once on the old fishing tournament), I got it within a few casts on the day I tried, and on the very first wish, I got what I wanted: the noncombat pet. Pretty amazing. That was my last big goal in WoW, so now I’m not sure what I want to do. I guess my Pally (which I haven’t been playing lately) could stand to get his epic copter and his motorcycle, so that’ll probably be what I go after next.
  • Speaking of things I posted about on Twitter, it is coming. Stay tuned.
  • This was an interesting question bouncing around the blogosphere: do addons make the game too easy? And if so, is that ok? When I posted that Mr. Pinchy screenshot, someone on Twitter replied back to me to point out that I’m not using any bag addons, and when I wondered why, I figured it was because I liked organizing my stuff the way the developers wanted me to, rather than having some addon do it for me. Sure, it’s a little harder, and sometimes things get lost in my bags, but in that case, I’d rather use the game’s UI. That doesn’t mean I don’t use Pally Power and Recount — in those instances, I’d rather that the game be “easier,” or at least not use up my mental awareness on the little things. But yes — those complaining that the game is too easy could probably stand to look in their addons folder and see just which parts of the game they’re bypassing with automation.
  • Here’s an awesome Felhunter plush as well. I’ve been looking for some more lamps/lights for my apartment, and I’d love to find something Warcraft-related, but I haven’t see anything yet. If you do, let me know.
  • I’m bummed that Ghostcrawler doesn’t seem keen on letting us use different types of ammo in different situations. I agree that if you do it the traditional way, it can make for some full bags and a lot of micromanaging. But shamans have their own UI — maybe hunters should get another set of spells or a dropdown menu somewhere to choose which “ammo” they’re using. If ammo really is going away, why not just put it in the UI? He says that there aren’t many situations where you’d need to use different ammo and that it’s too much for hunters to worry about, but I have faith that a) developers will come up with ammo different enough that there’s reason to make a choice and b) surely a dropdown menu where the ammo slot is right now wouldn’t be too much to worry about. If you’re losing ammo anyway, make it that easy, and turn up the costs for repairs on the weapons.
  • There’s obviously nothing to this, but I thought it was cool that she responded.
  • Finally, convention season is starting up again, and I found out this week that I’m going to get to go to GDC 2010 in March. It’ll be my first GDC, and I’m really looking forward to it. Though I’m not covering Blizzard specifically (unless they want to announce any upcoming apps for the newly-announced iPad, ahem), I’ll definitely stop by the booth and say hi, and if they happen to be showing off Cataclysm, I’ll let you know how it looks. Should be fun!

Thanks for reading, ya’ll! Hope all is well with you in the World of Warcraft. As always, if you see something cool you think I might like, feel free to email me and I’ll be happy to check it out.

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