Here’s the latest and greatest in what I’m interested in about Warcraft lately:

  • Blizzard released official information for Gnomeregan and the Echo Isles. I’m excited — I guess. It seems like the lower level stuff in Cataclysm isn’t nearly as exciting as I thought. Sure, it’s cool to retake Gnomer, but I’m not quite as interested as I’d be if it represented actual progress for my character. Players want low-level content a lot — at least until they realize that it doesn’t actually help their high level characters. Blizzard’s challenge with all of the low-level stuff for Cataclysm will be to have it apply to high level characters in some way. Otherwise, I think people will log on to their low-level characters, and enjoy the lore, but be bummed that it’s not doing anything for their level 80s-85s.
  • Here’s Massively’s roundup from GDC 2010, which doesn’t have anything to do with WoW, but man it was good to see Shawn and Sera there. They didn’t do any WoW coverage as far as I know (Blizzard did have a booth there, but they were just doing job stuff, not actual game demos), but the Massively crew are good people, and SW: TOR is probably the MMO I’m most excited about in, say, the next five years or so.
  • I tend to agree — it surprises me a little bit, as I’ve actually purchased dual spec on all of my characters that can use it, but it actually seems pretty optional to me. Especially on a DPS character, there’s not necessarily a lot of call to do it. I think an epic mount is probably a better investment than dual spec in some cases. Which is interesting — we all though that dual spec would change the game, and it did for some players, but I think for the majority of players, it’s not that really a big deal. I would like to see what Blizzard has to say on this one. I wonder how many players who can take advantage of dual spec actually have. And how often people who have the option to change back and forth between two specs actually do.
  • Some pretty cool fan art. I like the Blood Elf the best. I’ve been thinking that it’s probably about time that I get a Figureprint made, considering my interesting in the game seems to be on the wane. But we’ll see.
  • A while after I said, look, let’s just need on Frozen Orbs, Blizzard decides that we’re greeding. Which is fine — I think need fits better, because we all need them, really, but my point was just that we have a standard. Better to have one way to do it than to have everyone guessing.
  • I like this a lot better than sinking money into Blizzard’s plushies: Make your own. Plus, Blizzard doesn’t sell the Night Elf Druid plushie. That thing is great.
  • I can’t remember who said it or where I saw it, but I agree: where’s our in-game St. Patrick’s Day holiday? Surely the Dwarves must have some saint that they celebrate by consuming a lot of alcohol, right?
  • Finally, I tned to go with boneless chicken wings. I’m not sure why, but with a fork they’re not messy, they’re relatively healthy (well, unless you deep fry them, which I have to admit that I sometimes do), and they’re enough to keep you going even during a long raid. Chicken wings and beer for me — that’s the ideal.

That’s it! Thanks for reading!

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