So it’s been about a week and a half since I stopped posting daily on, and I definitely miss covering the community. I’m still playing Warcraft and reading all about it, and there are still lots of ideas and things about Azeroth bouncing around in my head that definitely don’t fit on a bigger game blog like Joystiq (and definitely not on TUAW, though those are the two places I’m writing these days, in case you hadn’t heard that), but seem like they deserve to be said or highlighted somewhere.

I thought about starting a WoW blog of my own, but honestly, I don’t have the time to do it — I’m busy as it is. But I do have this site that I am writing on every day, so I figured this would be a good compromise: one day a week where I can cover what I want to cover about World of Warcraft. Some of you might be interested to read it because you are players, and that’s great, though I’ll warn you that this will basically be a grab-bag of stuff I’m thinking about or seeing, not an actual news roundup (in other words, I’m not here to compete with anybody). And if you’re not a WoW player and don’t care, well, you’ll have to skip over the post each week. Though maybe you’ll see something that interests you and you’ll become a player.

Just because you all will ask: I have been talking with Turpster about working on another podcast, though we haven’t yet figured out what form it’ll take, whether it’ll be a WoW podcast or just a games podcast or what. I think he also has his own plans, and of course he’s still doing Movielicious and all of the other things he’s doing. But yes, I really enjoyed chatting with him every week, and hopefully we’ll come up with a good, worthwhile way to do it again soon. Ideas welcome.

On to the first edition of Warcraft Wednesday:

  • I have been running the Dungeon Finder nonstop on my Pally lately, and I was surprised to get a lot of the new Frozen Halls instances and the ToC 5-man, even when I just chose a random dungeon. But then I realized that most people want to run those — I probably was just getting in on runs of people who’d chosen an actual instance. Thought that was interesting — I thought most players would just go random, but I guess those are obviously the best instances to run, especially for 5-man gear. Works great for me because I’m trying to gear my Pally up to hopefully do some Heroic tanking. Haven’t seen the Battered Hilt drop at all yet, though.
  • The WoW Magazine preview finally went online the other day. I flicked through it, and it looks great, though I’m surprised they stuck mostly with covering the community (there’s an interview with Breanni of, and a few columns from folks who write for PC Gamer and at least one player — the name didn’t sound familiar, but I assume he’s probably freelanced for Future before) rather than doing what they should do best, which is show the behind-the-scenes at Blizzard. They do have a column by Neth, but she’s one of the folks we’re already reading on the forums — how about some insight into a level designer’s day to day or a look at how the team put Icecrown Citadel together from start to finish? Maybe they’re saving that for the actual magazine, but in my mind, that’s what the official WoW mag should do: offer a look into Blizzard that no one else can offer. They have to completely approve it anyway — although maybe that’s why they didn’t actually show much behind the scenes.
  • Speaking of Breanni, I saw this post on Twitter, and couldn’t agree more. I think a nice little lava elemental for blacksmiths, maybe a gnome nurse pet for First Aid, and… gee, I dunno what for leatherworkers. A crocodile? A vulture (y’know, because they swoop in and skin for leather)? But yes, I think more pets should be given out for maxing professions, not sold in the Blizzard Store.
  • Finally, Larisa of Pink Pigtail Inn has started releasing the results of her lists of 2009, and the outcomes are as interesting as promised. The first set of results showed that everyone loved Ulduar (not surprising — what other raid did people love) and hated Eye of Eternity. I recently beat Eye of Eternity for the first time, and other than the drakes, I liked it. But yes, I guess the drakes are the issue. Here’s the second set of results — apparently the mammoths are the worst gold sink (agreed! they’re just ground mounts!), dual spec was the most important new feature (though Dungeon Finder rightfully got runner-up), Quel’Delar best quest, Wyrmrest Accord worst tabard (agreed), and Onyxia whelping favorite non-combat pet. I would disagree on that last one — the Perky Pug is the cutest pet in the game, and it’s a nice fair reward; not too easy, not too hard. But so went the survey, apparently. Can’t wait to see more.

And that’s it. Painless, no? Let me know what you think, and if there’s something you think I absolutely have to see about Warcraft, feel free to send it along. But I’m using RSS full steam now, after many years of avoiding it, so I’ll warn you: I see all!

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