Videos! 08.14

Hey guys! I’ve been working on a few things lately (one of which I haven’t actually started yet, and another of which is a secret that I hope to reveal very soon), but one of the biggest things I’ve been doing lately is making some videos.

It’s kind of hard — I wish I could commit to some crazy goal like three videos a week, or even a video a day, but I just don’t have the time to really dive in and make them that often. It would certainly make me much better at making videos, but I’m already doing a lot of things, in between actual work and working out and app development and improv and gaming and everything else I do, so I don’t have a ton of time to really jump in. Too bad!

But I did make a few videos recently, and here they are. First, I got sent a video capture box for a TUAW review, and I pulled it back out and plugged in to try and make a commentary on the XBLA game Fez:

Let me know how you think that went. I know it’s a little long, and I think I wasn’t great at playing it for most of the time. In the future, I might try a game I already know how to play, or maybe commentate over the video not while I’m actually playing the game.

Then, a few days later, someone on Twitter (well, a lot of people on Twitter) told me to try nutella, so I did. BUT ON VIDEO:

Obviously that went great. The reason it looks bad is because I’m just using my MacBook’s camera — I haven’t invested in a real HD camera yet (and I’m not sure that I will or should, since I can’t really commit to making these that often). But it was fairly easy to edit. The music is just from iMovie. I guess if I plan to really make videos regularly, I’ll have to find some store of royalty-free music somewhere. I know there are a few online already.

And finally, The Incredible Podcast of Amazing Awesomeness changed the tech we’ve been using to record, and now we’re (wait for it) ON VIDEO:

That’ll be interesting, because it’s a show we do (mostly) every week, and we’re planning to have some fun guests on, so that should be fairly interesting to watch. Both Turps and I have some fun ideas about what we might do with videos on Tipoaa. And to be completely honest, doing this has helped rekindle my (somewhat flagging) interest in Tipoaa, and my guess is that Turpster would say the same.

So that’s good! I’m a day late to the party on web video, obviously, but it’s about time I got a little more involved in making some of these. Stay tuned! I don’t know if I’ll have time to make more videos, but I definitely have ideas for a few more at least. Hopefully I’ll get around to making more soon.

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