Star Wars episode VII had its subtitle revealed today, and the movie will officially be called Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens. This is perfectly valid choice by the filmmakers, and it probably doesn’t mean anything positive or negative about the movie’s quality at all.

Of course, the title does use the same grammatical structure as “The Empire Strikes Back” (article, noun, verb), which is largely considered to be the best Star Wars movie of all time. That probably doesn’t have any deeper meaning, however. On the other hand, though, the movie also matches the three-word form of The Phantom Menace, which was the subtitle of the first prequel movie, largely considered to be the worst Star Wars movie of all time. This almost certainly doesn’t mean that The Force Awakens will be a huge disappointment, and ruin the lives of fans everywhere. Who, hypothetically, may have stood in line to see The Phantom Menace on opening night, and had tickets to see it multiple times over the first few days, trying to convince themselves every time that Jar Jar Binks was actually cool, and the movie they were seeing was actually better than it was.

Yes, the new Star Wars title likely doesn’t mean any of that.

The new title probably does make reference to the Force, a mostly spiritual power within the Star Wars canon that the Jedis and Sith can use to move objects, cast lightning, or even control the minds of weaker men (or clones, as the case may be). This reference to the Force probably doesn’t portend anything, except that the Force (which used to be an awesome mystical and mysterious power, and then was changed into something caused by a biological creature called midichlorians) is supposed to awaken. That could mean that the “Force” we’ve seen isn’t yet the Force? Maybe the Force was put to sleep at the end of Return of the Jedi, and now it’s awakening back up? It probably doesn’t mean any of those things, so why bother even asking?

It could mean that this is a new generation of Star Wars characters, and while the Force was previously quiet in them, it’s now awakening. It would be pointless to speculate, really, that we’re going to see Han and Leia and Luke’s children and current relationships. This would mean, of course, that we might see Mara Jade, one of the best Star Wars characters who previously only existed in the novels (because her story took place after the previous movies). This is a full sequel, and so that completely makes sense, but again, there’s likely no meaning in that title, so it’s pointless to speculate at all.

One thing that we probably can say for sure is that we’ll see the Force used in the movie, which means we might get to see some fun lightsaber battles, or some cool uses of the Force that we’ve never seen before. These would definitely be the droids we’re looking for, so to speak. We might also, however, see the Force used in dumb ways, like being used to drive a pod racer around, or to make a heart glow or something. There’s just not much we can take from The Force Awakens as a title, so there’s really no reason to speculate that the movie could either be an incredible addition to a much-loved franchise, or a heartbreaking addition to a franchise that continues to crash and burn.

Yup, there’s really no reason to speculate. All we know is that the movie is called The Force Awakens, and there’s really no reason to write or say any more than that.

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