Oh man — Thanksgiving! That’s right near when Thor: The Dark World came out, right? Also, Dr. Strange, Inhumans, and Black Panther are all set to come out around Thanksgiving too, I think, which is just going to be so awesome. Did you hear that they’ve almost got Benedict Cumberbatch playing Dr. Strange? I think he would do great — as long as they use Dormammu, or maybe Blackheart, as a villain. That’d be just awesome, wouldn’t it?

Oh you mean like the holiday itself? I guess I could do that. I mean, Captain America definitely could, but I can give it a shot as well.

Thanksgiving is, like, a traditional holiday in the United States that celebrates the end of the harvest season. It’s like when the Hulk harvests all of his anger, but the Mark Ruffalo Hulk, I mean, not the other ones. Those were lame.

It usually occurs on the fourth Thursday of November. Thursday, of course, was named after Thor, who didn’t do very well in his own movies, but definitely shined in The Avengers. I think he plays a great alien, you know? I mean, Cap is the hometown boy, Tony is the playboy, but Thor does a great job of making it seem like there’s really a god on the team. I mean, he’s relatable, but also noble and immortal, right? No doubt that’s why they named a day after him.

Thankgiving is notable among Americans for eating a lot of traditional foods, like turkey, cranberries, mashed or sweet potatoes, and pumpkin pie. You think Natalia likes pumpkin pie? I mean, the Black Widow is actually Russian, but for some reason I think she probably has a built-up preference for comfort foods. I mean, given all she’s been through. They haven’t really explained it all yet, but you just know that as a female super spy, she’s probably been through a lot. I bet she’s like a good slice of pie. Wasn’t it so awesome in Winter Soldier when she threw down against Bucky? Oh man, that was cool. Also, people eat stuffing on Thanksgiving, too.

The history of Thanksgiving is usually traced (though not exactly — just like SHIELD itself, it’s hard to tell exactly when it started) to a celebration in 1621, when the Puritans in Massachusetts sat down to have a big meal to celebrate a good harvest. The Puritans probably never included Native Americans in the meal, and most historians say that the modern tradition of Thanksgiving probably just comes from an old harvest festival, rather than the actual Puritan celebration. They probably didn’t eat shwarma either, but man wasn’t that hilarious in the Avengers when they all went to eat shwarma? I mean, I didn’t even know what shwarma was until that! And it’s good — I had some at a Middle Eastern deli once. It’s fun to say, too. Shwarma.

Anyway, the modern holiday of Thanksgiving is all about football and food, and sitting around with relatives celebrating what we’re thankful for. Me, I’m super thankful for Age of Ultron. I mean, I haven’t seen it yet, but have you seen that trailer? James Spader is a robot, and he doesn’t have any strings on him! Thanksgiving is also known for the day afterwards, commonly called Black Friday, when retail stores host great sales, trying to bring out a big shopping crowd. I would definitely go out and look for the Phase 1 DVD set if I were you, and also if I didn’t already own it, because man that set is sweet.

I might pick up X-men: Days of Future Past though. I mean, even though that isn’t technically in the MCU, it is still pretty rad. Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! Hail Hydra! LOL just kidding but you know what I mean. Man, wasn’t that cool when that happened?

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