This week’s video is going to be my Rock Band 2 Endless Setlist run — 84 songs done on Expert mode, all in a row. I’ll probably have a tough time with the last few, but I figured if I’m going to do something, I might as well do it as well as I possibly can.

The stream is below. I looked into streaming the video directly, but it wasn’t in my budget for a quick stream like this. So instead you get video from my MacBook. I’ll try to look in on the chat, but obviously while playing, that will be tough. So you’re aware, I am going for the Platinum Artist achievement. I won’t be doing the Bladder of Steel achievement — that requires you to do all of the songs without stopping or failing, and I doubt I’ll be able to clear all of the songs without failing at least once. I’ll try, but I don’t think it’ll happen, and once I do fail, I will probably take a short break for food.

Stream videos at Ustream

And if you haven’t yet, please do run over to Azeroth United and make a donation to Child’s Play:It’s a quality cause. If I can beat this 84 song monster on Expert, certainly you can give a few bucks and skip your next Starbucks run. Thanks!

I’ll also be posting updates here when I can. Wish me luck!

Update: Started around 11:30am. Now, at 2:22, I’m on song number 41, about halfway through all 84 songs. But on Offspring’s Come Out and Play, I accidentally hit start during the song, which means the Bladder of Steel achievement is gone. Oh well. At least that means I can take a break for dinner. But I’m pushing on for Platinum Artist. Also, we’re trying for donation goals now: $100 will get me to do a song on camera so you can see me playing this plastic guitar. $200 donations on the day will have me singing a song as I play it — definitely embarrassing. Please give if you haven’t yet!

Update 2: Now 5:30 or so and I’m stuck on Master Exploder. Didn’t feel like I was improving, so we took a break for dinner. I’m told we have raised over $200, so I will be singing Carry On My Wayward Son while I play (whenever I get there). I will do my best to push on — I don’t have anything to do until work tomorrow morning, so presumably I can go until then. After Tenacious D, I’ll probably be fine for the next five songs or so, and then after that, it will be rough going again for the last 12 songs.

The good news is that even if I don’t make it, we’ve raised a nice chunk of money for Child’s Play — they put video games in hospitals for sick kids. If you haven’t donated yet, please do!

Update 3: After almost two hours on just the one three-minute song, I finally beat Master Exploder. At 7:00, I’ve now made it to the last tier of songs, and after this, I have no idea what will happen. These are the toughest songs the game has to offer: crazy metal, weird time signatures, just torrents of notes, some of them in no relation to the others. I’ll see how it goes — if I spend more than two hours on any given song without beating it, I may be forced to call it quits. Thanks for all the support so far, everyone — AU tells me things are awesome. Onward I go.

Update 4: 7:50. Stuck on Megadeth — the notes don’t make any sense, and they’re coming too fast. I’m taking what I think will be my last break now — my vision is a little blurry, and my hand is starting to ache. I think this game might be beating me.

Update 5: It’s 8:30pm. After beating my head up against the same section on Megadeth (about 88% into the song), I think I’ve reached the limits of my what my fingers can do. My left hand hurts a bit, especially in the ring finger (not sure why that is). I have a headache, and my vision is doing that thing you get when you play Rock Band for a while — the middle of my field of vision keeps scrolling upward. So I’m calling it. I should have gone and done it on hard — apparently Syrana and Sideshow both also did it today, and they blew through it on hard with two people. But Expert has those extra points, and you get a special-er icon. I was so tempted, but I flew too high, I guess.

Anyway, made it through 75 of 84 songs. Only really got stuck on two of them, and only failed out on two or three more. I’m not the best RB player, but I can’t think that’s too bad.

I’ll be back, Rock Band. I probably will finish it off on hard eventually, maybe with someone else in the band. In the meantime, I’m told we made $375 for Child’s Play today and I have no problem at all with that. Rock on.

Update 6: Apparently Stompalina over at Azeroth United recorded me playing and singing Carry On My Wayward Son after the donations hit $200. I can’t recommend anyone actually listens to it. I was young and I needed the money. Donated.

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