Boy, do I have some fun planned for you this weekend. Almost ten years ago (we were 16 at the time), a friend and I were sitting around, and decided that a) not only were there any interesting card games to play, but that b) we were smart kids, and we could come up with our own. An hour later, we had a new, never before seen card game. We called it “Bombs.”

I don’t know that we ever actually played it more than once or twice. A few times we remembered making it, but couldn’t seem to remember exactly how the rules worked. My friend (Curt Keller is his name) had written them down, but we never had them available when we wanted to play. After a while, I gave up trying to remember what we’d invented, and figured the rules had been lost into the void.

Until now. Last weekend, my friend found them hidden in his parents’ house, and today I recieved them in the mail. And now, dear readers, I present them to you, under a Creative Commons license, so that people may play and enjoy the game we created for generations to come.

Bombs: A Card Game
By Curt Keller and Mike Schramm (August 22, 1996)

For 2 to 4 players

-Deal six cards to each player
      -Put the origin deck in the middle of the table facing down
      -Flip one card over face up to form a discard pile

-To obtain two sets of three of a kind
      EXAMPLE: 3 Kings and 3 Fours

      1) Player must take one card from the origin deck or discard pile
      2) Player must take put one card, the same one or different in the discard pile
            -If the origin deck empties, the discard pile should be reshuffled, and the two decks set up again
            -Play continues until any player reaches the objective

-If the card picked up is a Jack, it is a “bomb,” and the player must keep it and discard a card from a previously made set (of 2, 3, or 4 cards as stated in the objective).

-Any “used” Jacks and/or Jacks starting in a player’s hand are “diffused” (meaning they do not take on the bomb function), and cannot be used, but can be collected as a set.

-If a card picked up is a Three, it is a “hand grenade,” and can be used in the following way:
      -Player lays it in the discard pile and specifies another player. The specified player must then pick up the “hand grenade” and lay down a card from a previously made set (of 2, 3, or 4 as stated in the objective of the game).
      -Any “used” Threes cannot be used again, but can be collected to form a set.

Note: We used Jacks and Threes as the “bombs,” but any card can be chosen as the “bomb” and another for the “hand grenades.”

Note 2: Sound effects are not required, but make the game much more fun. Trash talking is not only allowed, but recommended.

Have fun! “Bombs” away!

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

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