Well there you go.

After eight months of working on my free time on nights and weekends, I am proud to finally announce that Apple has approved my iPhone game Antithesis, and it is now available to download from the store itself. In fact, you may have already seen it — I’ve been Twittering about it all day long, and both Touch Arcade and AppAdvice have kindly put together posts about it:

“The concept for the game is cool too. It’s a Pong battle, so to speak, where you control a black paddle and defend against a stream of black balls, while an AI-controlled white paddle does the same. The line in the middle shifts back and forth between both sides depending on who is playing better in a series of waves. Like most game jam titles, it isn’t the deepest game in the world, but it’s really cool reading the whole process and seeing the game in various stages of development then finally playing the end product.”
Touch Arcade

“Although I have yet to experience Antithesis fully, it looks like the perfect game to pass the time. Besides, Schramm’s very funny iTunes page alone makes the game something to consider.”

How great is that? I am a guy who writes about iPhone games who has had people kind enough to write about my iPhone game? And now I’m writing about their writing about my iPhone game! IPHONE WRITINGCEPTION!

On a serious note, I am really glad to have this released. Over the last year, I have had two big goals to try and meet: The first one was to finally release my ebook, and I did that with The Shape of Teeth a little while ago. And the second was to actually turn this game, with my limited coding knowledge, into something I was proud of releasing, and get it approved by Apple. Ladies and gentlemen, done and done. Thank you so much for all your support — if you want to play Antithesis, you can download it from Apple’s App Store now. The next goal is going to Europe for the first time, and my plane leaves on Sunday.

I have a few things to tell you about the game: First, there is one bug so far, and that is that I messed up the sorting option on the leaderboards. There are two of them, one for the longest time the game’s been played, and one for the most cycles survived (play the game if you haven’t yet to figure out what those two things mean). Unfortunately, I set a setting on those that counted them from the lowest score up (as in golf) instead of from the highest score down (as in baseball). Obviously I want the people who have the highest scores in those cases to be on top of the leaderboards, so I apologize — right now they’re not.

But if that’s the bad news, I have good news as well: I will fix that issue, and a few others people are having, in Antithesis 1.1! Yes, I wasn’t sure if I would bother with any updates for this app, because I wasn’t sure how people would react to it. But the response has been great already, and so my very next goal will be to get out a point version update.

In addition to the leaderboard fixes, the update will include fixes a few other issues people are having (there’s an issue with backgrounding the app that should be fixed as well). I’d also like to add an options screen, because quite a few people have asked for a “Right hand mode” to play it from the other side. Multiplayer seems a little hard for me to actually promise right now (though there’s a chance I may still try to work it out), but I can promise one more big thing for 1.1: Universal iPad support. I went back and forth about supporting the iPad before release, and in the end decided I was basically just done with the app and wanted to get it out. But because people have been so interested and because people have asked for it, I will go ahead and put in the extra few hours it will take to get the game running the way it should on the iPad.

I have also had a few other ideas already, and I’m generally a much better coder now than when I started the game, so you can probably expect a few more fun surprises in the 1.1 update as well. The one caveat is that you will need an Online Pass subscription to play it, but fortunately for you I’m just kidding. It will be completely free to anyone who’s bought the app.

Thanks again for your support. If you haven’t yet bought the app and you have an iPhone (or an iPad — remember, universal support is coming, and the game is plenty playable now at 2x), please do buy it. And if you have bought it, please drop me a rating and/or a review in iTunes. Really appreciate it. Enjoy the game!

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