About Mike Schramm

Mike Schramm is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer, gamer, and general all around doer. He spends his days articulating his various thoughts about this weird and wonderful world of ours, and his nights actually thinking them up.

Currently, he works as a lead editor in AOL's Mediaglow group, writing for both The Unofficial Apple Weblog and Joystiq about Apple, technology, video games, and all sorts of interesting things.

Previously, he was both a lead blogger and senior editor on WoW.com, a site in the Joystiq Network that posts daily news, views, and insights about the extremely popular massively multiplayer game World of Warcraft. During his leadership at WoW.com, the site rose from a few thousand views a month to tens of millions of views per month, and become one of the main destinations on the Internet for the twelve-million player WoW community.

Mike was also a founding editor at Massively.com, a blog about massively multiplayer games.

Mike is also an accomplished broadcaster and podcaster, having created and hosted shows both online and over the airwaves. He helped originate the popular WoW Insider Show, and co-hosted that podcast for over a year. Currently, he is frequently heard on The Unofficial Apple Weblog's talkcast, and occasionally on a number of other podcasts around the Internet.

Mike has also written for and contributed to many other publications, both online and in print, including the Wall Street Journal, NPR, Comedy Central, Newcity, Time Out Chicago, Uber, and Opium Magazine. He's worked as a consultant for a few companies, helping to provide them with insight and context in the larger gaming and geek communities. Additionally, he has made guest appearances talking about gaming, technology and culture in all kinds of mediums, including on national television, radio, and print outlets like G4 and NPR.

He will often say to passers-by that he is working on a book, but so far no one's seen any of it.

Mike also works as a volunteer whenever he can. In Chicago, he worked with both McSweeney's 826 CHI writing center, and with the NeoFuturists theater collective.

And needless to say, Mike is a huge fan of video games. He currently owns a PS3, an Xbox 360, a Nintendo Wii, a Nintendo DSi, and hidden in the closet somewhere, a Sega Nomad. Mike also plays the ukulele and is learning the guitar, and he will almost undoubtedly beat you at Euchre.

Contact Mike (for press contact, to set up a guest appearance, to commission work, or just to say hi) at mike@mikeschramm.com. Mike will get back to you as soon as he can.

About mikeschramm.com

mikeschramm.com provides fresh content almost daily about technology, the Internet, literary humor, pop culture, the entertainment industry, the greater meanings of life in the modern world, Batman, funny t-shirts, hot actresses, nerd culture, great television, videogames, movies, living in America, great and crappy literature, search engine optimization, business development, psychoacoustics, social theory, indie music, great food, the continuum of morality, Star Wars, and the intersection of all of that.

Oh, and bunnies. Bunnies are cute.

Mikeschramm.com also hosts the podcast Happy Time (which Mike hosts with his friend Luke Lindberg).


... is a fancy word that a lot of sites are using to explain what software they used to make the site.

To run the site, I use Wordpress, with a ton of little PHP hacks and plugins built into it. Wordpress is using a custom template that I built myself using jEdit and includes pretty little icons from graphicPUSH and the Silk set. I upload all the files to my server (hosted by H2 Hosting) with FileZilla and Cyberduck.

CSS inspiration is provided by the CSS Zen Garden and Open Source Web Design.

To make the images, I use Adobe Photoshop CS2 and, even more often, The Gimp. My photos are taken with a Canon Powershot A520, organized in iPhoto and of course I upload them to Flickr using the Flickr Export plugin.

Movies are filmed with a Flip minoHD camera, and edited with iMovie. Some pictures and audio are recorded with a first-generation iPhone. Podcasts are recorded with a Blue Snowball mic.

I am now running an embarrassing amount of computers but considering that I work at home, most of it is written off on tax returns. I recently sold my much-beloved 12" PowerBook, and now run a unibody MacBook, along with a custom-built PC for gaming and a Mac mini for work.
If you want to find out about Mike, you're in the right place.
Fun (True!) Facts About Mike Schramm
-Mike sunburns very easily.

-For a short time as a child, Mike did not like the taste of pizza.

-Mike used to collect comics as a kid, and still possesses a first printing set of Alan Moore's Watchmen.

-Local St. Louis sportscaster Frank Cusumano once offered Mike money to scare his 7-year-old kid. Mike refused to do so.

-Mike has had two goals for a long time: to play the guitar, and to jump out of a plane.

-Update: Mike recently learned how to play the guitar. Now there's just that plane thing, and then he'll need some new goals.

How to Make a Tasty Lemon Cake
1 box Lemon cake mix
2 boxes cook & serve Lemon pudding
1 tub of whipped topping

Bake cake as directed on box in 9x13 rectangle pan and set aside to cool in pan. Next, cook pudding as directed and set aside to cool as well. When cake is cooled, cut about 6 holes 2/3 down and hollow out. Do not cut down to bottom of pan. Pour pudding all over top of cake and let drip in holes. Spread whipped topping all over top of cake, covering pudding and refridgerate for at least an hour.
Famous People Mike Has Met
Ray Bradbury (writer)
Trish Brown (meteorologist)
Bruce Campbell (actor)
Dave Eggers (writer)
Stephen Elliot (writer)
Allison Fisher (billiards player)
Leeza Gibbons (talk show host)
Lamar Gordon (football player)
Jeanette "Black Widow" Lee (billiards player)
Dexter McCleon (football player)
Steve "Mongo" McMichael (football player)
John Malkovich (actor)
Mandy Moore (actress)
Audrey Niffenegger (writer)
Gary Oldman (actor)
Mike Regan (talk show host)
Mike Reiss (TV producer)
Alex Seropian (videogame designer)
Bryan Singer (filmmaker)
Kurtwood Smith (actor)
Roger Stern (writer)
Greta Walton (writer/actress)
Margaret Weis (writer)
Susan Werner (musician)
Kristen Schaal (comedienne)
TJ Miller (actor/comedian)
Felicia Day (actress)
David Carradine (actor)
Famous People Mike Has Unfortunately Not Met, Because of Their Untimely Death (RIP)
Douglas Adams (writer)
Stanley Kubrick (filmmaker)
David Foster Wallace (author)
Famous People Whose Names Mike is Placing Here On the Site, In Hopes of One Day Serendipitously Meeting Them, Perhaps Thanks to a Stray Google Search
(my email is right up there, in case you need to reach me) Jessica Alba (actress)
Max Barry (writer)
Neal Stephenson (writer)
Why Are You Still Reading This?
I don't know! I can't stop! But I am totally going to try making that Lemon Cake.