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Happy Halloween!
An "anonymous author" details the GooTube deal. We've come a long way from Napster-- copyright infringement suits are now part of buyout negotiations.
"Stay the Course"? If you haven't gotten registered to vote yet, DO IT. This an extremely important vote, no matter what side you're on.
My good friend Greta wrote this. Go read it! All of it! Don't pretend you're not interested in wiring low voltage lighting-- we all know that's a bald-faced lie. You love that stuff. Congrats, Greta, on getting published!
Dear Reader: William Safire has written a piece about how to begin emails. Check it out when you get a chance. Yours, Mike.
Slate on 25 years of Weird Al Yankovic. Weird Al is literally a genius who makes stupid songs. He can do the craziest stuff, as the article says, and still seem completely genuine. Why? Because he's as genuine as he seems.
"pirates" = "artists" = "customers." How about that. If you'd had this graph years ago, record companies, you could have made even more money.
The trailer for Grindhouse, a new episodic retro gore movie by Robert Rodriguez (yes, I see the Sin City in there) and Quentin Tarantino. I'm not sure if Rose McGowan ever left the spotlight (or was in it, but I've always liked her), but mark my words, she's coming back.
The GH2 setlist is revealed, and it is spectacular. The Police, Rage, Foo, "Mother," Wolfmother, Freebird, Spinal Tap! Kansas!!!! My god, man! Are you trying to kill me with all that rock?!?
Google has bought YouTube. Here's the IM conversation I just had:

mike: here's my official guess:
spitz: google you mean?
spitz: k...whats YOUR guess
mike: google was worried that youtube would complete with google video, and they bought it because they didn't want microsoft or yahoo picking it up
mike: they'll be able to use features and things from it
mike: but the main reason they bought it was because they didnt' want someone else to buy it
spitz: oh im sure that is why..and would make perfect sense..i wonder what the payment was in for the acquisition...
spitz: see a company like that relys so heavily on the stock...and its not earning dividends yet...
spitz: because they pump all their capital into NEW youtube..
spitz: this will be very interesting to see if Google is built correctly..
It's... mesmerizing. And I meow meow meow.
This is just a note to myself to be sure to pick up The Decemberists' new album, The Crane Wife, out yesterday.
Words can't express this awesomeness. This guy named Ray wrote a song for his daughter and performed it a capella. The Ze and the show people got their hands on it and turned out these incredible remixes. Why do we need the record industry again? is cc 2004-2006 Mike Schramm.
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